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Free Lyft promo code and offers on your Lyft ride

Hey guys!! Welcome to my blog on Lyft app. In this blog, I share all about Lyft app. In this article I’m going to show you how to get a free Lyft promo code. Also checkout other articles I have shared in this blog which will be very usefull.

If you haven’t heard of Lyft, it’s a ride sharing app that’s safer than a taxi, and cheaper too. If you have never used Lyft app before, this Promo code will get you a free 25% credit towards your first ride!! All you have to do is be a first time customer.

How to use Lyft app?

Lyft app lets you share your ride and get paid for it. When you are going for some long drive or something and want to get paid for it as well. Lyft app is here for you. In Lyft app, you can share your ride with anyone and get paid for it accordingly. You can turn or become a drive in Lyft app and share your ride with near by people of your choice and get paid for it. If you are a pedestrian, and looking for a cheap ride. Lyft app is for you. In Lyft app, you can get a shared ride by any person .In Lyft app you can also be a driver and share your ride and make some money in this process. Cool!! isn’t it? Let’s check deep into Lyft app.

Getting started with Lyft app

Lyft  promo code
Lyft App

First you have to download Lyft app and install it your device. Once installed, open the app and do sign-up with a promo code .This may give you some offers. Now once sign-up is done, go to the main page and you will see a map which shows the pick-up location. You set the pick-up location and in the map and wait for it to be accepted by any driver. If you are doing it for the first time, you may get few discounts on your first few rides. After selecting the pick-up location, you can select the vehicle in which you wanna travel. It may show options like Lyft, Plus, Premier. Based on the type you select the price varies. There next to the vehicle type, it also displays the time it is going to take to pick you up.

How to ride in Lyft App?

Once you select the pick-up location, you have to enter the destination. You can again set your destination by selecting the location in the map or by manually entering the location in it. Once you select your destination, it will show you by what time you are going to reach your destination and the total fare. Now if you had used any promocode during registration, it will give you the discounted price. Once all the selections are done, You can see the car starts. You can see the picture of the driver moving in your direction. You can keep track of his moments in your app. It will display all the details of that car like their name, vehicle, car details, etc., Once the ride starts, you can track it all the way an also the vehicle owner will ping you once he reaches.

How to become a driver in Lyft app?

If you want to be a driver in the Lyft app, all you have to do is sign-up as a driver. Once you signed in as a driver, you will get requests from other Lyft user for a ride. Once you open the app as a Lyft rider, whenever someone requests for a cab, you will get a notification with the passanger details. You will be given one minute to accept or reject the ride. It will show you a pop up kind of button with the timer. All you have to do is tap on it to accept the ride. Once you accept the ride, it will display the passangers location and the dirctions to him on the map. It also displays the time it is going to take to reach the passanger. You can make call to the passanger and infrom him that GPS is showing more than 15mins away, if you want , you can cancel the ride. It will not cost anything. So you can call the passanger from the app itself. There is an arrow at the top right corner of the app. You can expand that and get the option to call.

More option for a Lyft driver

If you yourself want to cancel the ride, you sure can. Remember the aceeptance rate shouldn’t be less. So, once you accept the ride, you can use your favourite navigation to reach the destination. Once you reach, the passanger will be notified that you have reached. Now the passanger will have 5 mins to get in the cab. There on the screen, you can see a timer running . Once you drop off the passanger, you will be prompted to give the rating. Here rating is extremely important here. You can rate the passanger and passanger can rate the driver. Here you can also give the reason for your rating. These ratings should be given very carefully. If you give any person less than 3 ratings, that person is never going ot be matched with you again.

How Lyft works?

Download the app. Open the App and tap Lyft, tap payment, then just enter the code AJ1650 and hit apply. Now make sure you put the code in before you request your ride. That’s it, your ride will be shortly to pick you up. And if you don’t have the Lyft app, click this link to directly redeem you free Lyft promo code.

Signing up onLyft

You can either use Facebook or phone number to login. That means you can try Lyft app and decide if you like it before you even download the app. Have a great ride every one using this Free lyft promo code.

Lyft app promocodes

lyft promo code
lyft promo code

Here are few pomocodes you can use when you ride or signup to get good offers or discounts.

  • AJ1650
  • t83t6


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